Yung City Slicka is a music producer and engineer from Rowdoggs Entertainment™. He has worked and featured with celebrity artists, and have composed the instrumentals to many hit singles. Aside from being a professional music producer and engineer, He is also an editor, web administrator, promoter, photographer, videographer, video director, video editor, and a graphic designer. Growing up, music was always a form of expression and a stress leaving hobby for Yung City Slicka. His older brother and his friends always saw the potential, so they constantly urged him to release his music to the public.

Later on, his brother Choko Kash and him began to take music seriously, so in 2011, they released their first project titled “Book of Madness”. Yung City Slicka has recently worked with many established celebrity artists, such as Bo Deal, Skar, Rico Reckless, Kokane, Chino Grande, Og Rome, Danny Boy & many more. currently producing and engineering the new hit singles, and designing the promotional graphics, as well as for “OhSnap.FM”, which is a new licensed, world wide radio broadcasting network, Founded by Skar, Space Goat and Grammy award winner Jared L. Gosselin.

"It’s truly a blessing to have become part of such an amazing team that has been able to acquire so many opportunities, and it’s a privilege to be the engineer producing most of the new hit singles schedule for release, in the near future" - Yung City Slicka


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